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Hanging Turquoise Orchids II

Gallery Wrap

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Framed Canvas

Loose Canvas

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Outer Size: 20x29   Image Size: 20x29

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  • Artist: AJ Andrews

    AJ Andrews

    A. J. Andrews was born in 1980 as the only son of two musicians. Sadly, A.J. could never carry a tune, but his tin ear gave way to a silver tongue and a good eye for composition, balance, and color. On one family vacation, young A. J. got to bring along a Kodak Fun Saver camera and was immediately hooked on photography. Interesting people, friendly animals, and waves crashing on the beach all fascinated A. J. on that vacation, and as the years passed and his skills developed, the focus of his camera developed too, from the real to the abstract. Being an independent, curious soul, A. J. developed his artistic skills without the benefit of a formal art education, but is always learning from his environment, life experiences, lucky mistakes, and by taking every opportunity to look at the work of others, to feed his eyes. A. J. did inherit a love of music from his parents and just like his hero Jackson Pollack, A. J. is inspired by music and listens to everything from Classical Jazz to Dubstep when he uses his camera as a brush and creates his photographic works of art. Today, A. J. lives with his wife and their golden lab in a small town in New Jersey. 

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Tags: abstract, blur, line, layer