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Mystical Celebration II

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  • Artist: Andreas Langley

    Andreas Langley

    Andreas Langley grew up in both Europe and the United States but now resides in Arizona. He has a background in broadcast television and film. In his art, Andreas explores the mystery and wonder of ancient crystals—Crystal Umami. Layers inside the crystals become visible or hidden, changing color when light is reflected from a slightly different angle. Andreas chooses to reveal or hide certain layers to produce his vision—dramatic images with painting-like qualities. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Elestial crystals have a tremendous sense of will, often growing to include bubbles of air and water and Devic inclusions of all kinds. Andreas was drawn to this particular Elestial for its earthy Gnome energy and what might be found in its mysterious inner world. Deep inside of this ancient Elestial Crystal is a captivating portal (top right) set in an Undine watery landscape unfurling Sylph and Gnome energies with radiant colors warmed by the fire of Salamander. It is the Nature Spirit's invitation to embrace Wonder and Enchantment, challenging us to respond with bountiful joy in a mystical celebration.