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Barbier- Gorgeous Oriental Flowered Dress by Art nouveau and deco
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Barbier- Gorgeous Oriental Flowered Dress

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  • Artist: Art nouveau and deco

  • Artwork Details

    The 1925,the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (International Exhibition of Modern and Industrial Design) debuted in Paris, and the Art Deco movement made its first major waves. Indeed, the works included in the 1925 Exposition are still considered to be the finest collection Art Deco works to appear at once. Featuring objects and designs including furniture, jewelry, everyday housewares such as plates and bowls, architecture, commercial labels, and packaging, the Exposition was wildly successful, and throughout the 1930s, the trend spread overseas. Art Deco style was heavily influenced by the emerging machine age, particularly in the wake of World War I, and often incorporated bold, geometric shapes and vivid colors into its designs. Embodying the advent of the modern, Art Deco is easily one of the most important developments in art and design of the early twentieth century.

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