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Vintage Art Nouveau Poster- Hearts and Trumps by Art nouveau and deco
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Vintage Art Nouveau Poster- Hearts and Trumps

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  • Artist: Art nouveau and deco

  • Artwork Details

    Though it maintained prevalence for a relatively short period of time, the Art Nouveau movement that swept Europe at the end of the nineteenth century remains to be one of the most aesthetically popular and enjoyable styles. Inspired by the organic, unruly lines and curves found in nature, the trademark of Art Nouveau painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and decorative design was the “whiplash curve.” Though it developed in different ways across various artistic communities (the Germany and Austrian interpretation of Art Nouveau, for example, is referred to as Jugendstil), its roots were in the Parisian art world. In fact, the style is sometimes known as “Le Style Métro” for Hector Guimard’s swirling and sinuous iron subway entrances. An important landmark in the development of artistic modernism, Art Nouveau was a movement not only in painting, but also in jewelry design, furniture making, and other decorative arts.

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