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Journey To The Ambient Light

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  • Artist: Bob Hunt

    Bob Hunt

    Bob Hunt's abstract paintings are filled with vibrant colors and texture. Bob puts an emphasis on the actual process and physical activity of painting. He is most interested in the manipulation of the medium and the subconscious imagery that surface creating magnificent abstract works. He says that he has destroyed many images trying to articulate the elusive. His collections range from works on canvas, boards and paper. His creations are featured in several galleries across the United States. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Most of Bob's work starts out as non-objective. Some remain as such, while others become recognizable entities. Journey to the Ambient Light and Succumb are two that started as non-objective paintings but soon became landscapes. Bob then amplified them with an ethereal quality because he didn't want to depict a landscape only. His objective was to establish a unique perception for each viewer, specifically a personal connection that others might not experience, allowing the viewer's own feelings and experiences to become part of the painting.