Serenity II

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  • Artist: Caroline Ashton

    Caroline Ashton

    Born in Texas and raised in South America, Caroline Ashton has also traveled the full spectrum in the world of fine arts, exploring watercolors, acrylics, oils, printmaking, and ceramics. Fascinated by human nature, she weaves faceless figures and bodies together in dynamic movements, costumes, and settings, expertly using colors and images to shape her artistry. She begins by blocking in her shapes with thin washes, then layers transparent or opaque pigments for luminosity and a kaleidoscope of rich colors. "My paintings control the uncontrollable, and I am always surprised by the outcome," says Ashton. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Caroline Ashton’s Serenity series are surprisingly luminous considering the deep, luscious blues that dominate her palette. Ashton simultaneously creates a sense of calm and intriguing mystery in her composition, as the dark woods invite the viewer to sink further and further into her fantastic painting. A print on our museum-quality canvas will bring out her creative textures, while a print on aluminum will complement her color scheme while adding a unique, modern touch.