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Ebb & Flow II

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  • Artist: DeRosier


    As a native of the South, DeRosier has been inspired by the cityscapes and urban culture of his youth. His graphic, painterly images incorporate dissonance and disarray, and he transforms these elements into cohesive emotion combining collage and colorful applications of paint embodying his passion for landscapes. "My goal is to invite the viewer into my eyes for a glimpse of that moment, in the hope that this moment will create a memory of absolute visual harmony," he says. DeRosier's work has been collected and displayed by several private and public institutions across the country. 

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  • Artwork Details

    In Ebb & Flow, DeRosier focused on concepts of chance, space and shape, imagining fragments with different qualities colliding in some anti-gravitational space like lint in a pocket submerged in water or debris in outer space. DeRosier enjoys the thought that seemingly unrelated particles can accidentally meet and form a beautiful new identity in clusters of color and shape. While painting, DeRosier imagined the dance of movement that must have occurred for the entangled shapes to have formed their new interlocked identity and their new potential movement as parts to a whole. DeRosier is happy with the delicacy of this piece and coexistence of flat shape and illusion of deep three dimensional space. For him, this optical fluctuation adds to the mystery, complexity, and visual interest of this painting. Overall the serendipity of color and form come together to create a visual harmony of "Ebb & Flow."