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  • Artist: Ernesto Rodriguez

    Ernesto Rodriguez

    The grandson of the renowned Cuban muralist Eraso Valor Rodriguez, Ernesto Rodriguez employs a unique style and technique in creating his artwork. He first shoots a color Polaroid from an old 5 x 70 and then heats up the film on a hot plate. He then works on the film with etching tools to give the image the right quality of atmosphere and intensity of feeling. The image is then scanned digitally. Using software, the image is hand painted, and then color and texture are enhanced. This process heightens the mood and dreamlike quality of his images. For Ernesto, it is exciting to combine traditional media and 21st century technology. The old and new blended to render the elegance and romance of every day life. In Cuba, Rodriguez found the romance and the sensual colors that give his work an Old World charm. Ernesto demonstrates a real talent for seeking out the places that delight the viewer. His creative method is instinctive, spontaneous; his images a serendipitous result of his wanderings. 

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