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In Between I

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  • Artist: Jane Bellows

    Jane Bellows

    Born in Seattle, Washington, Jane Bellows worked as a photographer before merging her photography talents with her desire for painting. She began painting abstracts, experimenting with forms, lines, and space, bringing lighting and perspective influences into her florals and landscapes. Today, she flourishes in several different media, but favors acrylics for its textual quality. Her work can be found in both private and corporate collections. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Jane Bellows’ abstracts are both playful and sophisticated, and are always great conversation pieces. In Between I is a perfect example of how she combines a carefully selected palette with a variety of textures to make for a visual experience that will keep you thinking and looking for new details. Even though it is an abstract, contemporary piece, In Between I can compliment a multiplicity of décor styles. If you’re hoping to achieve a more traditional look, consider printing on our museum-quality canvas. For a touch of modernity, play around with our prints on paper. You’ll achieve an unparalleled richness of color while also being able to put your own mark on the piece by selecting one of our custom frames.