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Flower Dance II

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  • Artist: Jaquiel


    For Jaquiel, art comes naturally. In her youth, she developed her love of color in children's painting classes, and her love of nature, by spending summers in the wooded fields in her grandmother's flower garden. Today, she focuses on her love for the natural world, the foundation of her abstract floral series. "I prefer using nature as the starting point. Nature is always the best designer of the abstract," Jaquiel says. Like the elements in a garden, as an artist, Jaquiel continues to grow. She continually experiments and develops new ways of seeing color and form, always changing the perspective of her art, and the world around her. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Jaquiel’s Flower Dance II is a great example of how she masterfully blends nature and abstraction. Her playful painting will appeal to those who have a more traditional taste, as well as those who want something more on the cutting edge. Her use of a warm palette makes the piece instantly inviting to all who see it, and will be a great addition to any room you choose for it. While a print on canvas will help print out Jaquiel’s myriad textures and brushstroke techniques, a print on birchwood will compliment the palette well, as well as the flowery subjects.