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Schwedenplatz by Jasper
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  • Artist: Jasper

    Jasper believes the process of abstract painting is much like navigating your way through a foreign city without a map. It involves exploring the canvas, testing new artistic directions, and always maintaining a sense of adventure. He began as an interior and stage set designer, worked in graphic art, and says his inspiration as a painter comes from his passion for a life pursuing the artistic process. His compositions of complementary colors and positive/negative fields resonate with chord-struck harmony. 

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    Capture the energy of modern life with a print of Jasper’s Schwedenplatz. The array of colors – from warm oranges to deep blues, with a touch of yellow and green thrown in here and there – will draw your eye instantly to the piece, and the dynamic lines and geometries will keep you absorbed and coming back for more. The colors will play together well with a print on our archival-grade paper, which readily absorbs the rich tones. Pair it with your choice of one of our handmade custom frames to really pull a room together with a mix of modern and classic taste.

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