Whimsical II

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Outer Size: 24x24   Image Size: 24x24

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  • Artist: Joel Ganucheau

    Joel Ganucheau

    Residing in Austin, Texas, Joel Ganucheau is the co-founder of the Austin Art Garage; a unique art gallery featuring original works by emerging Austin artists. Ganucheau's work blends sharp graphics of familiar forms with rich color fields, texture and abstract geometrics. Working with acrylic, oil pastels and mixed media collage, he draws on the urban environment and mixes it with a color palette of clean blues, rich reds and earthy taupes and brown. Despite his long history of producing art, Ganucheau spent years focusing on his music, briefly running a record label and touring Europe and the US with several music projects. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Joel Ganucheau has a unique talent for making his works of art as playful as they are pleasurable to look at. Whimsical II is no exception. The palette is easy on the eyes, as the pops of red stand out from the almost-muted blues and grays. The textures will pull any viewer into the image, and will allow the eye to wander to every corner, nook, and cranny of this intriguing piece. The fun colors will stand out well on our acrylic glass, as the interplay of tone and light will produce a dazzling effect.