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Townlake Trees

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  • Artist: Judy Paul

    Judy Paul

    Known for her spontaneity in developing images, Judy's style of painting incorporates traditional techniques as well as the non-traditional such as incorporating digital photography, vintage papers, and typography into her collage paintings. Nature is her inspiration as she intuitively blends shapes, color and texture for an exciting, refined result. Each of Judy's paintings is a journey. "Sometimes the paintings start out as one subject or image and then evolve into something completely different. Painting is like living -- you start out with a plan and stay open to the opportunities as you move along." 

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  • Artwork Details

    Judy Paul captures her own signature style in her whimsical composition Townlake Trees. The bold lines that make up the two titular trees immediately draw the viewer’s eye, but it is the small details that are scattered across the surface of the image that will keep your attention. Hidden secrets abound in this creative multimedia piece, the unique shape of which will add a special touch to a space that is in need of a burst of energy and life. Try a print on our archival-grade paper, which will really make Paul’s colors pop.