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Aura IV

Aura IV by Karen Silve
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  • Artist: Karen Silve

    Silve has had a successful career as an art director and creative director, developing the visual branding for a well-known Fortune 500 company. Now, she explores nature and its relation to abstract thought in highly personal expressionist paintings. She views the creation of art as a meditation on nature and life itself, emphasizing the understanding between the eternal as well as the ever-changing aspects of nature and life. Silve maintains two studios, one in Portland and another in Provence, France. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Given her background as an art director and a creative director, it is no surprise that Karen Silve knows how to make a statement with her works of art. Aura IV exemplifies her talents to a tee. This dramatic flower painting is sure to stop viewers in their tracks. The rich colors, diverse textures, and stunning forms bring a level of energy to flower paintings that is very difficult to achieve. The drips, drops, and lines that emerge from the painting’s composition are visually arresting and endlessly intriguing. For the full effect of these various details, try printing on paper for a vivid result.

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