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Open Space II

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  • Artist: Karen Silve

    Karen Silve

    Silve has had a successful career as an art director and creative director, developing the visual branding for a well-known Fortune 500 company. Now, she explores nature and its relation to abstract thought in highly personal expressionist paintings. She views the creation of art as a meditation on nature and life itself, emphasizing the understanding between the eternal as well as the ever-changing aspects of nature and life. Silve maintains two studios, one in Portland and another in Provence, France. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Karen Silve’s highly expressive painting Open Space II demonstrates her skills both in choosing vivid colors and also using dynamic lines to capture her viewer’s attention. By using warm colors in the lower half of the piece and cooler colors as the eye moves up, she creates a vibrant energy that keeps the eye moving. Silve’s layering of paint, as well as her daring mixture of techniques, makes any Open Space II print a joy to encounter. A print on mounted acrylic glass would allow the colors to interact with the light in your space, making for an even more energetic experience.