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Dogwood on Blue III

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  • Artist: Laura Gunn

    Laura Gunn

    Laura Gunn's paintings reflect the tension between traditional and contemporary, natural and synthetic, growth and decay. The foundation of each painting reflects the beauty of deterioration, inspired by such things as rotting plaster or rusting metal. Over this she lays a living botanical, creating contrast and balance. Painting flowers is a wonderful vehicle for experimenting with color, texture, and form. Gunn plays with color and shape to create the composition she desires. Every painting involves experimentation and discovery, and each is an enlivening experience for her. Through her paintings, Laura Gunn hopes to share these experiences with you. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Flower painting has been a part of the art historical tradition for thousands of years, but Laura Gunn has a way of making her botanical paintings stand out. Dogwood on Blue III is a great example of how her signature style shines through her careful use of detail and her harmonizing of colors. These serene blossoms will create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home or office, while still having a level of intricacy that is engaging to anyone who stops to take a closer look. Bring out of the best of Gunn’s textures and layers by printing Dogwood on Blue III on our high-quality canvas.