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Dogwood on Red by Laura Gunn
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Dogwood on Red

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  • Artist: Laura Gunn

    Laura Gunn's paintings reflect the tension between traditional and contemporary, natural and synthetic, growth and decay. The foundation of each painting reflects the beauty of deterioration, inspired by such things as rotting plaster or rusting metal. Over this she lays a living botanical, creating contrast and balance. Painting flowers is a wonderful vehicle for experimenting with color, texture, and form. Gunn plays with color and shape to create the composition she desires. Every painting involves experimentation and discovery, and each is an enlivening experience for her. Through her paintings, Laura Gunn hopes to share these experiences with you. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Set against an abrupt, crimson background, Laura Gunn’s dogwood blossoms pop out at any viewer who enters the room in which Dogwood on Red is hung. Her vibrant colors and intricate web of textures are sure to keep you mesmerized as your eyes move around the image. The long and slender shape of the painting make it ideal for a similarly shaped space that needs a touch of color. A framed print on paper will emphasize a classic look, while supporting the richness of Gunn’s colors.

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