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Monochromatic Series II by M. Drake
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Monochromatic Series II

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  • Artist: M. Drake

    M. Drake born in Queens, New York in 1980 and studied painting at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Early in his career, he was influenced by Intuitive Abstract Expressionism, but then his style evolved to reflect Postmodern and Minimalist concepts in his work. Drake's approach allows him to paint more realistically but make the idea abstracted. To achieve his vision, Drake primarily works with paint, graphite, charcoal and ink, sometimes combining untraditional mediums. When observing his work, he would like a viewer to realize something more there but for the artwork itself to remain cloaked in mystery. Drake currently spends his time between Marfa, Texas, and Brooklyn. 

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  • Artwork Details

    M. Drake’s Monochromatic series is as versatile as it gets. The soft brushstrokes and tempered neutral tones make for a visual experience that is both soothing and engaging. Get lost in this intriguing and challenging work that is sure to draw the eye of any viewer who enters your space. Monochromatic Series II will work on almost any substrate: canvas will emphasize the texture of Drake’s artistry, birchwood will underline the neutrality of his palette, and aluminum will add a touch of modernity to this print.

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