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Furioso II

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  • Artist: Maeve Harris

    Maeve Harris

    Created with a variety of inks and pigments, Harris' paintings focus on the integration of tradition subjects with contemporary styles and techniques. She has explored the tradition and historical importance of works at the Metropolitan Museum and installations and contemporary pieces at galleries in SoHo. "I reference photographs both found and of my own as inspiration in my paintings. I also enjoy experimentation with material used in other media to push the limits of paint," she says. Travel and adventure are important parts of her life. She has studied in Florence, Italy, and draws her experience from visits to over 15 European countries. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Maeve Harris captures the majestic beauty of her equine subject in her lovely painting Furioso II. The form of the horse stands in stark, striking contrast to the bold tones of the background, while Harris’s careful and creative texturing makes the image visually engaging and intriguing. Harris’s horse, rendered in medias res, has an innate energy that will bring a renewed sense of vitality to your space. Try a print on our museum-grade canvas to bring out Harris’s painterly talents.