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Spring at Big Bend

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  • Artist: Maxine Price

    Maxine Price

    Nothing makes a great first impression like an innovative expression. Price uses invention and imagination to creatively delve into abstracts and contemporary painting. Her approach is exploratory, finding unsuspecting allure in subjects like decaying buildings or weathered walls. She also finds beauty in the everyday world, using found objects such as wire, old string, and rusted objects to accentuate her perception, to glamorize the way she looks at life. Price's paintings are spiritual, yet firmly rooted in the physical world. They have a look of antiquity, yet capture the feel of the Southwestern United States and Mexico, and are also contemporary. Her artwork can be found on the Square in Wimberly, Texas, and throughout the state. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Big Bend encompasses 801,000 acres in west Texas (larger than the state of Rhode Island) and sits on the US and Mexico border. The Chisos Mountain Range is completely contained within the park and 244 miles of the Rio Grande River flow through it. The vista in Spring at Big Bend, including the Rio Grande River with the mountains in the distance, is one of Maxine Price's favorite scenes in the entire park. She likes the wide vista and the feeling that the viewer is in totally uninhabited country. She feels it leaves one with a feeling that there is something bigger than us at work in this world.