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Gabrielle with Renoir's Children

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  • Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir (February 25, 1841-December 3, 1919) is one of the most important figures in nineteenth-century French art, whose singular style influenced not only his contemporaries, but also key artists of the twentieth century such as Pablo Picasso. Inspired by classical style, Renoir began developing his artistic talents in his youth by copying paintings found in the Louvre. However, after having several early paintings rejected by the Paris Salons in the 1870s, he joined Claude Monet and several other painters in their attempt to establish the new school of Impressionism. While Renoir is recognized as a founder of the movement, he departed from the group in 1877, and developed his own, signature style. While Monet and the other Impressionists tended to focus on landscapes, Renoir was drawn to the happenings of everyday life, and was particularly enchanted by portraiture. Indeed, Renoir's talents as a portrait artist attracted many open-minded patrons, leading to his financial and artistic success. Renoir's use of vibrant colors, careful and complex compositions, and mastery of light have made his paintings instantly recognizable today. 

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