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Rutherford Crossroad II

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  • Artist: Sara Abbott

    Sara Abbott

    Abbott's foray in the art world began with photography. Although she loved the black and white process, she sought to expand her vision. She began mixing paint with photographs, using found objects such as car doors for frames, and fire to light up an image. Her work now includes light boxes, abstract paintings with photographic transfers, and large scale photographs mounted on plexiglass. Abbott's work has been collected all over the world. 

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  • Artwork Details

    As Sara Abbott travels and photographs trees, she takes notice of the presence they carry and the power they possess. As she begins creating a piece, she tries to bring that energy into the work. Rutherford Crossroads trees had a very regal feeling; the images evoke the rolling hillside and gentle breezes of wine country. The vibrant red against the muted, neutral grays of the background make the central figure stand out in such a way that will catch everyone’s attention who passes it by. While a print on paper will give it a classic touch while also enriching the red tones, a print on aluminum will make a bold statement in a modern setting. A print on birchwood will underscore the natural subject matter, while also bringing a more tan and sandy palette to the background.