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In My Travels III

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Outer Size: 24x20   Image Size: 24x20

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  • Artist: St. John

    St. John

    Influenced by world renowned artists such as Picasso, Rauschenberg, Demuth, and Basquiat, St. John lives in the aesthetic, where the rhythm of nature is now his primary influence. Whether creating abstracts, collages, still life, or figures, he compares the versatility and variety of his artwork to the ever-changing faces of nature."I think of my art as an infusion of early abstract expressionism and modern pluralism ideals. My paintings confirm where art has been, but also creates possibilities for the future," says St. John. 

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  • Artwork Details

    Try a taste of the exotic with St. John’s In My Travels III. His combination of different textures and patterns brings an internal energy into the piece, while his majestic subject is equally whimsical and intriguing. St. John’s choice of palette is also interesting, as he combines neutral colors and warm tones with pops of white and black in a way that draws the eye in. Try a print of In My Travels II on archival paper in one of our custom-made frames, or, for a more natural look, a print on birchwood panel.