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Keep Calm and Carry On- Vintage British World War II Poster by Vintage posters
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Keep Calm and Carry On- Vintage British World War II Poster

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  • Artist: Vintage posters

  • Artwork Details

    Originally designed as a propaganda poster in 1939, Keep Calm and Carry On is now an iconic image. Created in order to raise morale and encourage composure within Great Britain in the midst of World War II, it was not actually popularized until 2000. The original printing by the British Ministry of Information had very limited distribution until its rediscovery 70 years later when it was reissued and mass-marketed. Designed as the third in a series of morale-boosting posters, Keep Calm and Carry On was to be displayed publicly only in case of the German invasion of Britain, and was thus not commonly known. Because the image is now in the public domain due to the expiration of the copyright, hundreds of versions have been created with variations and personalizations of the slogan. The bold background, endearing slogan, and King George VI crown are now associated with what is quintessentially "British."

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