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July 2012

LifeWorks serves over 10,000 children and families each year. They are dedicated to providing shelter for homeless youth, counseling, and life-skills training in Austin and beyond. In an effort to enhance the lives of the children and families they help, Gallery Direct brings beautiful artwork to the walls of their facilities. We see to it that images of LifeWorks graduates and other inspirational moments adorn the classrooms and shelters.

canvas gallery wrap photo uploads by gallery direct

Beautiful black and white photos of LifeWorks graduates bring inspiration and hope.

large scale wallcovering by printed by gallery direct

A world map mural marks the countries the students are from, making this computer lab come to life.

framed black and white photos printed by gallery direct

Framed black and white photos of Austin adorn the main hallway.

wallcovering donation from gallery direct

A staircase mural of a nearby park adds depth and a familiar focal point.