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Selecting Art that Goes Together

Okay, so you've picked one piece of art you love. How do you find other pieces that will complement it and create a cohesive look?

We've put together a few tips below, but they're just a starting point. If the only thing the pieces you choose have in common is that you adore them, we think that's just peachy (see: rule number one).


Similar style: Pick pieces in a similar décor style or art style. Think several geometric abstracts, an array of works from your favorite Impressionists, or a collection of stark, modern photographs.

Pictured, left to right: Bailey, Sea Through II, Benjamin Arnot, String Theory II, Leslie Saris, Channels II, Benjamin Deal, Advancement I.


Similar colors: Pick one to three colors, and pick artwork in a variety of styles with strong elements in those colors. Or, think about a color characteristic to carry through all the pieces in a room—like all brights, all black-and-whites, all sandy neutrals.

Pictured, clockwise: Laura Gunn, Calla Lily on Deep Red I, Judy Paul, Rural Stamp I, Darvin Jones, Nomanclature III.


Similar subjects: So, you love flowers? Make that the common theme, and pick floral images from a variety of artists. Don't be afraid to mix mediums, styles and eras.

Pictured: Vincent van Gogh, Skull with Burning Cigarette.

neutral colors

Same series: Artists often create series of similar or related works. Sticking to pieces within a particular series is a sure-fire method of creating cohesion.

Pictured: Sia Aryai, Adagio I, Sia Aryai, Adagio II, Sia Aryai, Adagio III.

neutral colors

Same presentation: Try selecting a variety of art in the same size, and presenting it on the same substrate and in the same frame. This approach can be especially impactful with artwork displayed as a grouping.

Pictured: Allyson Korwitz, Coconut; Allyson Krowitz, Distinct Microstructure I.

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