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DIY Easy Daylight Photography Studio

DIY daylight studio

If you want to photograph a product or object, natural light paired with a white background is an easy way to do so. The white backdrop is an important detail because it will act as a reflector and diffuse your available light much more than a darker backdrop would. This allows for you to get an even exposure to capture as much detail as possible. Jump back to the tutorial on how to set up a good daylight studio. For this specific set-up you’ll need a small table to rest your objects and backdrop.

DIY daylight studio


  • White Backdrop
  • Table
  • Reflector
  • Object
DIY daylight studio materials
Step 1

Set up your seamless white backdrop over a table so you can get a good angle when photographing and also have a hard surface to stand your object.

Position your object in your natural light. Use a reflector to bounce light you’re your window to shadow areas your subject.

step 1 step 1
Step 2

Once you are happy with your object placement, test your exposure. To keep focus on your object, set a wide aperture so that your background is blurred leaving your object in focus.

Read more about adjusting your exposure here.

step 2

About Candice:

Candice Benge

Candice is the Photographer and Videographer at Gallery Direct. Obsessed with all forms of Art and Photography, Candice very much enjoys using photo and video to capture the details of our Artist’s stories, their technique and the details of our unique fine art printmaking processes. She also enjoys frequenting and participating in art exhibits, growing fresh things to eat and spending time in the sunshine with her dog, Dragon and Hen, Hilda.