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Art Inspiration for Every Décor Style

the quick start guide to decor

Pictured above, from left to right: Flower Market III and Karen Silve, Open Space II


Design Elements: Modern spaces typically have architecturally clean lines, and simple, monochromatic styling. Angular, as opposed to curvilinear, forms are prevalent.

Art Ideas: Abstract prints, Unframed, stretched canvases. Pictured: Sean Jacobs, In the Canyon I


Design Elements: Traditional spaces are classic, layered, and reference the past. Shapes in this style are curvy, graceful and detailed.

Art Ideas: Portraits and landscapes, ornate frames in a metallic finishes. Pictured: Caroline Ashton, Angel of Repose


Design Elements: Rustic interiors place emphasis on natural, unrefined materials. This aesthetic is warm and inviting.

Art Ideas: Woven textiles and rugs hung as art, paintings with texture/relief. Pictured: Sarah Abbott, Effervescent I


Design Elements: Cottage-style spaces are homey and light in color palette. There is a sense of informality to the materials and furniture arrangements.

Art Ideas: Vintage frames, found objects grouped as a collection. Pictured: DeRosier, Vase with Fruit


Design Elements: Industrial spaces are raw and utilitarian with a cool color palette. Furnishings are minimal and often incorporate salvaged metal and wood.

Art Ideas: Salvaged items such as vintage cameras, art is used sparsely. Pictured, left to right: M. Drake, Monochromatic Series II; Salvador Luca, Insight II


Design Elements: Coastal interiors are laid back, comfortable, and inspired by the shoreline. Colors are light and bright.

Art Ideas: Glass vessels filled with finds from the beach, decorative items such lanterns and boats. Pictured: Leslie Saris, Marine Array IV


Design Elements: Eclectic interiors unite multiple styles within a singular space. Furniture and accessories appear to be, and often are, collected over time.

Art Ideas: Some framed art, some sculpture, etc. Variety is key. Pictured: Andreas Langley, Mystical Celebration II

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