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Art Hanging Tips

By Brooke Elliott

Gather your measuring tape, pencil and hammer; it's time to hang your piece.

We tapped one of our Art Consultants, Brooke Elliott, for her favorite tips and tricks for hanging artwork:

  • Height: The magic rule is the hang your pieces at eye-level on center. That generally means that the middle of the picture ("on center") should be about 60" - 65" (basketball players, please disregard) from the floor. Whatever height you choose, using the same number for the center of all the art hanging throughout your home will create visual harmony—the kind of cohesion you find in museums and galleries.

  • Spacing: If you're hanging your art above a piece of furniture, leave about 10" between the bottom of the artwork and the top of the sofa or tabletop. For headboards and mantels, leave about 6"-8". Or, for a casual, edgy feel, set the art on top of your dresser or mantel, and lean it against the wall.

  • Grouping: If you're hanging two or more pieces of artwork together, hang them 2 to 3" apart. That's close enough that it creates a cohesive look but not so close that it looks awkward.

Remember: there are, of course, exceptions to every rule. If your ceilings are especially high or low, or you're working with a uniquely shaped space, adjust as necessary. For more art hanging tips and tricks, check out the DIY section.

About Brooke:

Brooke Elliot

As the resident Art Consultant for Gallery Direct Brooke loves assisting clients with choosing collections for their interior design needs. Brooke relishes in knowing that she’s able to help make a client’s room complete with that special touch of art. She enjoys hiking and running in the great outdoors, cross country road trips with her husband, photographing her new adventures and spending time with family and friends while away from the office.