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How to Pick Art to Match Your Style

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find your style

The basic rule for picking art is so simple, it might scare you. Go with what you like.

Pick images that resonate with you, and that you know you'll love for years to come. And the good news is, since your choices should depend on your taste, you really can't go wrong.

One shortcut is to pick art that complements the style of the décor in the room where it will be displayed, so it's also handy to think about what style of decorating you like best.

The right piece of art can blend with other details to create a cohesive look, or provide a dramatic focal point to style the rest of the room around. And remember—it doesn't have to "match." It just has to flow.

Not sure how to define your style? No problem…we tapped one of our favorite young interior designers, Desi Creswell of Desi Interior Design, to create an interior décor style primer.

About Nichele:

Nichele is the Director of Merchandising at Gallery Direct. A style and design junkie, Nichele spends most of her free time poring over design blogs and daydreaming about DIY projects. She also enjoys yoga, theatre, educational television and snuggling with her mini-Schnauzer, Pablo.