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By Candice Benge

Creating a diptych or triptych (creating multiple pieces of art from one image) is a unique way to display your photos. It's really simple to do, and the creative possibilities are endless.

Take for example this great photograph of graffiti street art. I wanted to break this image up into three sections to display as a triptych above my couch, instead of keeping it as one giant print.


What You'll Need

  • A digital photo of your choice;
  • Access to either Photoshop or Pixlr.

Step 1

In Photoshop, or Pixlr, open your full image.

File > Open > Locate File

step 1
Step 2

Determine the exact size of your file by pixel (px for short). To do this go to Image > Image Size

Our total size for this image is 3543px x 2362px . I want to create three separate vertical files from this one image. To determine the new dimensions of those files, take the width of your original image and divide by the number of images you wish to create; for me this is 3. I won't be changing the height dimensions in my example here, but you can divide your image any way you'd like to. After you divide, write down your new dimensions for Step 3. Mine are 1181 px X 2362 px.

step 2
Step 3

Select the rectangular marquee tool and change its function to Fixed Size. Type in the new dimensions in pixels that you determined in step 2.

step 3
Step 4

Click the top left corner to select out your first section. You should see a dotted line around your selection.

step 4
Step 5

Cut the selection from your original. Go to EDIT > CUT

step 5

Your original image should now look like this.

step 6
Step 6

Immediately open a new document.

Go to FILE > NEW

Title it Panel-1 and click OK to open.

step 7
Step 7

When your new blank document appears, paste your cut selection here.


step 8

Once it's pasted into the new document, save Panel-1 again.

Go to FILE > SAVE.

Choose the save location on your computer and then click SAVE.

Your first image has been created successfully!

step 9
Step 8

You'll repeat your previous steps here. Re-select the Rectangular Marquee tool and click the top left corner of your image. You should see the dotted line again around your selection.

Cut your selection from your original again. Go to File > CUT

step 10
Step 9

Immediately open a blank document. Go to FILE > NEW and title it Panel-2 and then click OKAY.

step 11
Step 10

When your new blank document appears, paste your cut selection.

Go to Edit > PASTE.

step 12

Now save Panel-2.

Go to File > SAVE and select your save location, click SAVE.

You have now created your second panel!

Step 11

The last step is to save your final Panel.

To do this, select the CROP tool.

Select only the remaining portion of your image and click ENTER.

You will have your last and final Panel. Save your file.

Title your file Panel-3

Select your save location and click SAVE.

step 13
Step 12

To check that you made your image correctly, re-open them all in Photoshop or Pixlr.

They should look something like this!

step 14
Step 13

Go to GalleryDirect's Art From Your Photos and upload and print your diptych or triptych panels.

step 15

About Candice:

Candice Benge

Candice is the Photographer and Videographer at Gallery Direct. Obsessed with all forms of Art and Photography, Candice very much enjoys using photo and video to capture the details of our Artist's stories, their technique and the details of our unique fine art printmaking processes. She also enjoys frequenting and participating in art exhibits, growing fresh things to eat and spending time in the sunshine with her dog, Dragon and Hen, Hilda.